Mealey’s Pet Corner

Every month, Mealey’s Furniture and 101.1 More FM will be offering special pet training tips from pet expert, Wolf from Justice Rescue.

Join Andrea Duffy as she interviews Wolf for answers to all of your pet training questions.  Together they cover a variety of topics to help make your dog your best friend!

Here’s a listing of the topics that Wolf and Andrea have covered so far:

My Dog is Jumping up – what can I do?


What is the best solution for a teething puppy?


What do you do when your dog is too protective of you and growls at other people or pets?


What if your dog is having trouble with the “come here” command?  What can you do?


How do you teach your dog to take the treat nicely?


Can you train without treats?


 This special feature is brought to you by Mealey’s Furniture – the styles you love for less.

Justice Rescue’s Mission:

​Simply stated, we rescue animals directly from the hands of the abusers. Justice Rescue is a team dedicated not only to focusing education and awareness on such animal abuse, but also to taking concrete steps to resolve specific cases of animal cruelty. We are confident that with a collected group effort, we can develop a team of associated rescues to achieve a successful outcome for animals worldwide. We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.