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Tell Me More August 19, 2018 A New Way of Treating Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Dr. Martin Franklin, Clinical Director at Rogers Behavioral Health in Philadelphia discusses a wide variety of programs for kids and adults who have OCD and depression. There is also growing demand for their co-occurring autism programs. Kids who have anxiety and depression in connection with autism. Franklin says they are getting somewhat better

Tell Me More June 10, 2018 Deconstructing Divorce with Sally Boyle

Divorce is a complex personal, legal, and financial transaction. Sally Boyle, a Certified Divorce Financial Planner will help us Deconstruct Divorce.  She says divorce doesn’t have to ruin your family or destroy your finances, and can often be handled without litigation.

Tell Me More May 13, 2018 The Power of Story with Christina Baldwin

Whether exploring the personal stories revealed in our private journals, the stories of family legacy, the underlying stories that drive our organizations, or the stories that define our personal identity, Christina Baldwin encourages us all to become storycatchers – and shows us how new stories lay the framework for a new world.

Tell Me More May 6, 2018 Mommy Burnout with Dr. Sheryl Ziegler

Mommy burnout is real and it’s not a laughing matter, even though making fun of its symptoms has brought the topic to the forefront of our mommy culture. In MOMMY BURNOUT, Dr. Ziegler explains how leaving the above symptoms unchecked can turn chronic stress into burnout, which can lead to Depression and Anxiety. There