Are You Ready for the Clocks to Spring Forward?

Don’t forget! #daylightsavings

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Get ready to lose that hour we gained way back in November. This Sunday, March 11th, remember to change your clock to an hour ahead

As most Philadelphians know, or should know if you’ve ever watched National Treasure, our man Ben Franklin gets the recognition for suggesting Daylight Savings Time (DST) back in 1794. Although Franklin first suggested it, DST wasn’t adopted until Germany established the practice in 1916 as a fuel saving method during WWI. Here in the states, we’ve been observing Daylight Savings for 100 years as of this year! Think of all that lost sleep! Well…not really if you consider we get it back in November.

But do we really need it? According to Live Science:

“The nominal reason for daylight saving time has long been to save energy…The time change was first instituted in the [US] during World War I, and then re-instituted again during World War II…But the evidence for energy savings is slim. Brighter evenings may save on electric lighting, said Stanton Hadley, a senior researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory who helped prepare a report to Congress on extended daylight saving time in 2007. But lights have become increasingly efficient, Hadley said, so lighting is responsible for a smaller chunk of total energy consumption than it was a few decades ago. Heating and cooling probably matter more.”

Less than half of the world observes DST, and not even all of the US observes it (we see you Hawaii and Arizona). What do you think? Should we join the DST rebels, who needs the hassle of changing their clocks anyway? Does anyone even have analogue clocks anymore, or do we all just use our cell phones?