Tell Me More October 22, 2017 Dancing from the Heart with Michael Nickerson Rossi

Listen to Tell Me More OCT 22, 2017 Dancing from the Heart with Michael Nickerson Rossi:

Michael Nickerson Rossi made a name for himself in the LA dance scene and is also Creative Director of the Palm Springs Dance Festival.  When West Chester opened its new performing arts center he saw an opportunity to have an East Coast venue for his style of dance, which reflects an intricate mixture of artistic movement and emotional freedom.  Nickerson Rossi began dancing as a troubled young adult who had suffered personal loss.  He found that dance became a way to heal and connect with others.  He is passionate about the company’s outreach program “Understand”, an educational platform for mentally and physically challenged youth.  These kids will be part of a special dance event, now in the planning stages, performing alongside professional dancers.  Nickerson Rossi also founded The Conservatory, a 10,000 square foot state of the art dance space in West Chester where he teaches young dancers to train at their highest potential.


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